Can you list your ingredient in CleanGredients?

Step 1

Have your ingredient reviewed by a third party profiler and approved by EPA. The ingredient must meet EPA’s Safer Choice Standard to be listed in CleanGredients.


Start the process by submitting the ingredient to one or more profiler for a review quote via the online Safer Choice Community; contact or a third party profiler to receive access.
Learn more about the Safer Choice Community for ingredient suppliers by watching this video.

Step 2

Subscribe to CleanGredients as a supplier.

Step 3

Once approved by the third party profiler and the EPA Safer Choice program, a profile for your ingredient will be added to CleanGredients by the third party profiler (but it will not yet be visible to other CleanGredients users).

Step 4

After the profile is created, you can review, update, and publish the ingredient listing. Add information like an ingredient description, image, sales contact, safety data sheet, or technical specification. Once published, the listing can now be seen by formulators searching for safer ingredients, and will remain active for three years from the approval date.