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The Process

Safer Choice Approved Ingredients

Suppliers select a reviewer for ingredient assessment. The ingredient is reviewed to verify it meets EPA’s Safer Choice standards. Suppliers list their ingredients in CleanGredients, giving more visibility to their products.

Get Products to Market Faster

Formulators have access to a list of pre-approved Safer Choice ingredients. This streamlines the approval process for EPA’s Safer Choice program, getting your Safer Choice-labeled product to market faster.

Increased Consumer Options

A product bearing the Safer Choice label guarantees that every chemical has been reviewed and verified by third party experts.

Benefits for Formulators

Preapproved Ingredients.

Ingredients listed in CleanGredients have been reviewed by third party profilers and EPA’s Safer Choice program, so they can be used in Safer Choice products.  Eliminate the guesswork, reduce review costs, and reduce the risk of failed review by using CleanGredients to source ingredients.  A CleanGredients subscription pays for itself when formulating Safer Choice products!

Ingredients for Multiple Functions.

CleanGredients has safer options in multiple functional classes of chemicals, including chelating agents, colorants, defoamers, emollients, enzymes and enzyme stabilizers, fragrances, odor eliminators, optical brighteners, oxidants and oxidant stabilizers, plasticizers, polymers, preservatives and antioxidants, processing aids and additives, solvents, specialized industrial chemicals, starter formulations, surfactants, and water soluble films.

Market-Ready Ingredients.

The ingredients listed in CleanGredients are market-ready.  Ingredient profiles include contact information for suppliers, so you can easily source safer options to use in your products.  All components of the ingredients have been screened against the Safer Choice criteria, not just the active ingredients, so you won’t be caught off-guard by a hazardous residual, contaminant, or secondary ingredient.

Benefits for Suppliers

Highlight the Safety of Your Products.

CleanGredients is a trusted resource that allows you to share third-party verification of the safety of your ingredients and assure customers that your product meets the stringent Safer Choice standard.  CleanGredients can be used to market safer ingredients and make sure that your investments in safer chemistry get the recognition they deserve.

Share the Product Information You Want.

CleanGredients provides the opportunity to share detailed information on your ingredients, including ingredient descriptions, safety data sheets, technical data sheets, and technical specifications.  You have the ability to review ingredient profiles and provide the information you want to share with potential customers, giving customers the information and assurances they need, without revealing confidential business information.

Join a Safer Chemistry Community.

Listing your ingredients in CleanGredients enables you to become part of a community of companies working to improve safety in the formulated products we use every day.  CleanGredients is a hub for sharing of information around the latest developments in green chemistry.  Learn more about what others are working on, and share your company’s innovations with other players in the world of green chemistry.